Buyer Beware Of Fakes

These items have been sold at Auctions and Auction websites.  They should be considered reproductions and/or fakes.  The cannonballs listed are either 12-pounder shot putts, bearings, or rock crusher balls from a rock quarry.  None of the items on this page are original Civil War period.  If you have a fake and want it listed here please email with a photograph. 

American Thunder Antiquities 4-F List Of Civil War Fakes

Gary Williams Fake Buckle Website

Civil War Fakes, Frauds, & Fantasies by "The Dogpile"

Civil War Relic Man:

Frohne's Historic Military

North South Trader's Civil War magazine with a couple of fake resources:

Here are links to sites that sell reproduction Bowies and knives.  These are sold as reproductions but somehow end up being faked.

Atlanta Cutlery

Crazy Cow

Please visit for a wonderful selection of 1st generation copies of the originals sold as reproductions.  Often these buckles are made into fakes by other people due to their high quality.

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Not American
Civil War used.


C.S.A. 1862
Selma Arsenal
2nd Arkansas
Leather sides & strap.

RING GAUGE: A flat iron ring with a wooden handle, used to determine the diameter of a spherical projectile. The gauge came in two sizes; the largest 0.02- or 0.03-inches greater than the true diameter of the projectile; the smallest 0.02- or 0.03-inches or less than the true diameter. To be a true diameter, the projectile should not pass through the small gauge at all but had to pass in any direction through the large gauge.  Ring gauges are always flat and have precise tooling.  Here is an example of what is sold today as ring gauges but in fact are not ring gauges nor do the have anything to do with artillery.  The US Navy stamp was applied by an unscrupulous person that owns the real stamp.

Fake Ring Gauge

Fantasy Fuze Wrench
Fantasy Fuze Wrench